Upcoming Events

The King’s Politics Society is delighted to present you with a series of three topical debates this Michaelmas Term. We are honoured to be welcoming some of Britain’s top political thinkers to debate the most hotly contested issues of this year. All our events are completely free and open to everyone – above all, we aspire to be an inclusive and accessible hub for discussion and debate at the university, based in the centre of Cambridge city at one of its most historic and politically active colleges.


Can military intervention be humanitarian?

PETER HITCHENS – Commentator for the Mail on Sunday and recipient of the Orwell Prize for exceptional political journalism

LINDSEY GERMAN – Convenor of the Stop the War Coalition and organiser of the 2003 protest against the Iraq War

JOHN MCTERNAN – Former Senior Strategy Advisor to Tony Blair

RICHARD NORTON-TAYLOR – Guardian columnist and former Security Editor

PROFESSOR NIGEL BIGGAR – Author of In Defence of War and Theology Professor at Oxford University

DR DAVID BLUNT – Research fellow in Political Philosophy at Cambridge University

3 November – Lady Mitchell Hall, Sidgwick Site


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