EU & Local Elections 2014

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Question Time at King’s: EU

Monday 12 May at 7pm – Keynes Hall, King’s College Cambridge

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UKIP, Labour, the Greens, Liberal Democrats and Tories battled it out to decide who will lead Eastern England on 22 May. Things got heated quickly – the UKIP candidate compared the Greens’ representative to “fascist Germany” after the latter heckled his opening speech, and insults flew back and forth for the rest of the debate.

The hustings followed a ‘Question Time’ format, with audience questions determining the focus of the debate. The discussion was centred around topics of immigration and asylum seekers, overfishing, the EU and employment, clean energy and, of course, the prospect of Britain leaving the EU. 


Andrew Duff MEP – lead candidate for the Liberal Democrats

Tom Hunt – 5th candidate for the Conservatives

Mark Hughes – 7th candidate for UKIP

Sandy Martin – 3rd candidate for labour

Rupert Read – lead candidate for the Greens


Question Time at King’s: City Council

Friday at 7pm – Keynes Hall, King’s College Cambridge

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#KingsQT trending in Cambridge


Rod Cantrill – current City Councillor and candidate for the Liberal Democrat Party (Newnham Ward)

Anthony Carpen (and Puffles) – independent City Councillor candidate (Coleridge Ward)

Nick Clarke – Cambridge City Conservative Party Association Chairman and former leader of the County Council 

Matt Hodgkinson – City Councillor candidate for the Green Party (Petersfield Ward)

Sam Wolfe – City Councillor candidate for the Labour Party (Newnham Ward)