About us

King’s College, with its picturesque chapel, is one of the most historic colleges at Cambridge University. But it has also developed a reputation for being the university’s most politically active college.

In recent years King’s students have pioneered student campaigns, like the living-wage movement in Cambridge. And at King’s the “flag debate” is ever-present. To the consternation of some students – and the pride of others – a Communist flag still hangs in our college bar-cum-JCR.

King’s Politics seeks to harness this culture to foster constructive political discussion. We host numerous panel discussions and single speaker events a term on a diverse range of topics. Our titles are often controversial: we’ve asked “Does Trump have a Point?” and, at another event, “Is the West responsible for ISIS?“. Local issues are equally important to us. We’ve hosted debates on the university’s welfare provisions and discussed the role of lad culture on campus.

We  attract hundreds of students to our events, which are held in the biggest venues in Cambridge. Our speakers are some of the country’s most exciting journalists, politicians and academics. Recently we’ve hosted people like Anthony Giddens, Peter Hitchens, Lindsay German, Charles Clarke, Christopher Monckton, Andrew Gamble and Roberto Unger.